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Reviews for Elsie's Rocket to the Moon by Helen Bacon


'I fell in love with the illustrations, they almost look as though they are in a dream state, you get the sense that what is pictured is actually images that Elsie is conjuring up in her mind'

'Reading Elsie’s adventure, the rhymes flowed naturally and the imagery fitted the words perfectly'

'The first thing that struck me about this book was how charming the illustrations were by local Bedfordshire illustrator Zoe McCabe. These illustrations really encapsulate the vivid imagination of children. You can picture in your head how a child would visualise the journey into space and the adventures they would have. The story is simple and quick to read and has a nice flow to it which keeps the kids entertained. The illustration’s fit perfectly with the rhymes and really help to bring the story to life'

'Elsie’s Rocket To The Moon is a soft back picture book aimed at young readers. It’s full of beautiful illustrations by Zoe McCabe who really brings the story to life.'

'A brilliant read and the illustrations are lovely'

'Very sweet little book with beautiful illustrations'

'A lovely, fun book with lovely illustrations'

'A beautifully illustrated book, with a fun, relatable story'

'A great story book with beautiful illustrations'

'Wonderful illustrations and poems, beautiful book'

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